Welcome to Our New Blog

Seattle Mountain Rescue (SMR) just returned from the Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) Spring Conference in Port Angeles where we were joined by 65 rescue units from across the country to train in the latest techniques, share best practices and celebrate the organizations rich history.

The Mountain Rescue Council was founded in Seattle nearly 70 years ago by Wolf Bauer, Kurt Beam, Dr. Otto Trott and others and is now known as Seattle Mountain Rescue. SMR is one of the most active technical alpine search and rescue teams in the Northwest, responding to hundreds of the region’s most complex search and rescue situations every year.

SMR’s primary service area serves more than 2 million people and spans more than 2,000 square miles of mountains, forests and rivers with more than 400 miles of trails and more than 400 sport climbing routes. Our neighbors, friends and colleagues love getting outside and taking advantage of all the Pacific Northwest has to offer but we know sometimes adventures go wrong – people get lost, stranded, injured or into situations that are beyond their control.

SMR is an all-volunteer, donation-based organization of seasoned alpinists dedicated to saving lives throughout the PNW. In just the past year, we have executed more than 100 rescue missions, spending more than 2,200 hours collectively on these missions. Climbers have been rescuing their fellow climbers since the sport began and it is our goal to help those in need through rescue, recovery and education to keep the residents and visitors of King County safe.

From mission reports and training updates, to climbing tips and gear advice, this blog is an extension of our community and our goal of promoting safe adventures and exploration of our home.