Psychological First Aid skills are an imperative tool for rescuers to have. Click the images to learn more!

What is a Stress Injury?

Just like with physical trauma where a stimulus caused an injury we can incur stress injuries from harmful physiological stimulus (ie. Seeing a body). A stress injury is created when our brains are overwhelmed and unable to process the psychological stimulus it just experienced. Since it can’t integrate and process the experience this causes the brain to be unable to tell if the danger has passed, leading to a state of heightened arousal. Our brain stays in this state because it feels the danger is still present. If this state continues it can lead to stress injuries.


Self Care Tools


Meet your Resiliency Team!

Our mission is to advocate for the resiliency of SAR volunteers throughout the mission cycle and to prepare members to cope with traumatic stress by proactively training members to be resilient and reactively supporting rescuers after critical incidents in order to prevent stress injuries.

As an internal peer support team, the SMR Resilience Team adheres to the following agreed upon Procedures and Operating Guidelines.

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