These podcasts feature Laura McGladrey; a psychiatric nurse practitioner, volunteer ski patroller and SAR member. She is an absolute wealth of knowledge!

Episode 1 –  Stress Injuries and the Responder Stress Continuum 
Learn about what a stress injury is, how they form and how to start mitigating them. Laura will also walk you through how to use the responder stress continuum, an important tool for all SAR members to have.

Episode 2 – Principles in Real Time 
How can we help our subjects? What should we do after going on a challenging mission or going through a stressful experience? Listen to this episode to find out.

Episode 3 – Sustaining Green 
What is your baseline? Are you getting back to green before going back out on another mission? This episode dives into building self awareness and knowing your stress capacity.

Episode 4 – Integrating and Debriefing Stress
Pre-traumatic stress support, building out resiliency to help rescuers be more prepared before being exposed to stress. In this episode Laura dives deeper into stress injury formation and how we can build up resiliency.