Instructions for MRC Video Conferencing System


Video Conferencing

The MRC classroom has a Zoom video conferencing system. The garage has a drop down screen and projector for presentations. To schedule a meeting in the classroom send an email to

The conferencing hardware is Logitech and the software is Zoom. To start an instant meeting:

  • Turn on the monitors using the remote control on the speaker below the monitors.
  • Set the monitors’ input to HDMI-1 (if not already on HDMI-1)
  • Select “New Meeting on the control panel on the right side of the room
  • If a meeting has been setup then it will automatically appear on the control panel. Select “Start Meeting” and make sure the monitors are tuned on and set to the HDMI-1 input.

Meeting attendees can share their screen by connecting to the SMR network in the conference room.

If your meeting started 5 minutes ago and you are panicing because you can get the video working call Drew Fletcher:425-890-6035 or Doug Caley:206-940-6898 for quick help‬.


There is an audio/video receiver in the closet which will display video or play music via direct HDMI cable connection, WiFi, or bluetooth. Video and music can be played in the entire building, and/or the garage.

Easiest way to connect to the screens for video is to use an HDMI Cable plugged into the ports below the monitors. Make sure the monitors are set to HDMI-2 input. You can also use Apple AirPlay for wirelessly audio & video to the monitors on HDMI-1.  

Easiest way to listen to music is to use Apple AirPlay – monitors need to be on HDMI input 3. 

If you want to project your laptop screen on both monitors and play audio through the speaker system:

  • Connect your laptop to HDMI port below the monitors
  • Set the right monitor input to HDMI-3
  • Set the left monitor input to HDMI-2
  • Set the Receiver input to “Game” using the Denon remote control