Since 1948, Seattle Mountain Rescue has been a dedicated volunteer team of alpine climbers, responding to wilderness emergencies year-round. Whether it is a technical rope rescue on the snowy slopes of Snoqualmie Pass or hiking up Mailbox Peak to hand a benighted hiker a headlamp, our members take pride in serving our community.

We seek new members with a range of skills and experiences that represent our outdoor community at large. The most important qualities in a candidate are a well-developed mountain skillset, a desire to help others, sound judgment, leadership experience, and a commitment to personal growth. A candidate does not need to be an expert in all aspects of alpinism but instead needs to show a well-rounded history of experiences reflecting technical skill, good decision making, and sound risk management.  

Cultivating an inclusive unit is central to Seattle Mountain Rescue’s focus on advancing equity. We believe a diverse and inclusive environment inspires growth, unity, respect and a better connection with the community that we support. We are interested in applicants who can work well with teammates from a variety of different experiences and backgrounds. Seattle Mountain Rescue encourages candidates from all backgrounds, cultures, and communities to apply.

Thank you for your interest in joining SMR! We are not accepting applications at this time. Please scroll down to look at when our next recruiting cycle will be. 

Candidate Evaluation Criteria

  • Be 21 years of age or older.
  • Have a minimum of three years of alpine mountaineering experience, including technical rock, snow and glacier.
  • Demonstrated intermediate-level mountaineering skills.  (As a rule of thumb, intermediate-level mountaineering skills are demonstrated by leading 5.6 trad in an alpine rock environment. For a list of example climbs in the local Washington area, please see here.)
  • Be able to provide references from two members of the mountaineering community.
  • Possess at a minimum an AHA/ARC conforming adult/basic first aid and CPR certification.  Your certification must be current and valid for six months at the time of application in order to be considered.  (WFA/WFR and/or EMT certifications are encouraged, though not required.)
  • AIARE Recreational Level 1 Avalanche course from a recognized course provider or equivalent (i.e. Canadian Avalanche Association AST 1)
  • Applicants will need to complete ICS-100 and 700 as part of their application
  • Be able to demonstrate sound decision-making skills in the backcountry.

In addition to these prerequisite requirements, candidates must pass a background check by the King County Sheriff’s Office.

SMR Member Requirements

  • Respond to at least 5 missions
  • Attend at least 20 hours of rope rescue rigging training per year
  • Maintain compliance with WA State & King County S&R Core Competencies requirements
  • Members are highly encouraged to maintain at least an Avalanche Level 1 certification.
  • Membership in Seattle Mountain Rescue is at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors

Next Recruiting Cycle

Applications will be due February 4, 2023
Interviews will be held on March 4, 2023 (unfortunately we can’t hold interviews on multiple days, please make sure you are available on this day)

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After going through this page, if you have any questions please contact our recruitment chair at