Injured Climber in No Fog Bowl above Source Lake

On June 20th, SMR was paged out to respond to a fallen climber in the area of the Tooth. The subject had fallen off a short cliff on the climber’s trail above Source Lake (and below Great Scott Basin), rolled approximately 100 feet down a rocky slope, and then slid another 50 – 100 feet down a narrow snow finger before hitting a small tree.

The reporting party indicated that the subject had taken a substantial fall and may be badly injured.

Upon arriving to base at Alpental, Team 1 headed up the Snow Lake trail as a single hasty responder to perform an initial medical assessment. Team 2 followed behind with a full-body splint and climbing rope. A King County Explorer Search and Rescue Team, plus two additional SMR members, carried the litter, wheel, two 300’ rescue ropes, and a rigging kit.

Soon after the page out, the King County Sheriff’s Office Air Support Unit was also requested, given the nature of the subject’s injuries.

Once on scene, Teams 1 and 2 worked to stabilize the subject and prepare the scene for the incoming medic and Rescue Specialist from the Sheriff’s Office by chopping out a large platform on the snow slope.

At approximately 1930, Guardian 2 from the Sheriff’s Office arrived and dropped the medic, Rescue Specialist, and a Bauman Bag. After carefully backboarding the subject and moving him to the makeshift platform, the medic was hoisted out, followed by the Rescue Specialist and subject. Team 1 and 2 escorted the reporting party back to the Snow Lake trail and out to the trailhead.

All teams were out of the field by 2140.


Official King County Sheriff’s Office Press Release

King County Sheriff’s Office Hoist Video

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