The history of women in mountain rescue is still being uncovered—and you can be a part of this important process of discovery!

Do you know women who were part of our unit in its early years? Do you have a story to tell? Please share it with us using this Google Form, or send an email to

The names we currently have of our early Call Committee are:

  • Beverly Boye
  • Jo Brown
  • Betty Campbell
  • Carol Cramer
  • Linda Frickland
  • Hazzy Hazard
  • Louise Ingalls
  • Karen Jorgenson
  • Marilyn Kinney
  • Virgie Knight
  • Barbara Kurtz
  • Carol Lebeau
  • Sally Looff
  • Mrs. Allen Miller
  • Peggy Plouff
  • Norma Spring
  • Pat Spring
  • Annette Way
  • Vicki Ward
  • Pat Williams

See the 2019 obituary of SMR member Martha J. Lentz.