This exhibit is the first of what we hope will be an ongoing series of rotating displays. We welcome your suggestions for future exhibits!

Want to learn more about the history of mountain rescue in our region? Check out Dee Molenaar’s Mountain’s Don’t Care, But We Do: An Early History of Mountain Rescue in the Pacific Northwest and the Founding of the Mountain Rescue Association (2009).

You can also watch the film of the same name by Topograph Media, which features interviews with some of our founding members, especially Wolf Bauer:

Check out the 1968 article in Today’s Health about some of our founders, “The Daring Mountain Rescue Men.”

For Ome Daiber’s obituary from the American Alpine Club, and see the 1989-04 – Ome Daiber Trage.

Writer Lowell Skoog conducted an interview with Matie Daiber in July 2001. For a summary, see Skoog’s website

And an inspiring 1985 article from the Seattle Times when he was 77 years old.