Seattle Mountain Rescue Has A New Home

Things have changed a little Seattle Mountain Rescue started in 1948. We’ve gone from fielding a dozen calls a year to now over 100 missions per year. In December 2020, we bought a building (or most of a building) and started a new chapter for the organization. For the past 73 years, SMR has operated without a building or a dedicated space for your community. Before every training or outreach event we begged and borrowed facilities to meet, park our vehicles, store our equipment, and dry our gear.

Owning a building will allow us to focus on our missions and better serve our community. With an ever-growing backcountry user population and an increasing demand for our services, we need to use our 100% volunteer-based membership’s time in the most efficient way. To learn more about what we accomplished in 2020, checkout out our Annual Report.

The Plan

Abandoned for several years, the building we purchased was, to put it bluntly, a tear down. A large portion of the roof was missing, the walls collapsing. No working power, water or septic. The good news: we got a great deal on it! 

Salvaging what we could and demolishing what we couldn’t came first. With this accomplished, we have started in on our next goal – repairing the building to a point we can park our vehicle inside and store and dry our gear. We obtained a building permit from the City of North Bend and members have worked tirelessly nearly every weekend working on the building.

As of September 2021, we’ve demolished the interior wall, put a new roof on, removed all the old wall insulation/plumbing/wiring, built sheer walls for support, put new plywood on the outside, saw cut the concrete for the new plumbing, and installled new windows. All done by our amazing members who have graciously donated their hard work and time.

Our next objective is water-proof the outside foundation, install siding, and pour the concrete footings and plumbing.


SMR has invested $330,000 from our savings into this effort. We secured a grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce for over $200,000, and individuals have contributed more than $20,000 to this effort to date. This brings us within reach of raising the final $283,440 we need to realize this vision.

With your help we can make this happen!