For 75 years our organization has been without a home. This has made finding training spaces and equipment storage an endless dance. With population growth in our region and a subsequent increase in recreation, we have seen the need for our services grow at a rapid rate. The Mountain Rescues Center (MRC) will help us meet this need. 

The MRC will enable us to; maintain and centralize our rescue  equipment, provide a consistent training area for field members, help build the teams collective resilience by providing a new space and way to connect the team. This will help us weather the hard things we do and  provide a community classroom to perform mountain safety education in conjunction with our partner organizations.

To learn more about what we accomplished in 2021, checkout out our Short Video and Annual Report.

The Plan

Our Progress




As of October 2022 we have demolished the interior walls, put a new roof on, removed all the old wall insulation/plumbing/wiring, poured new footing for the shear walls, installed new windows and a garage door, added all new electrical wiring, resided the entire building, added new plumbing, and a heating/cooling system, painted the exterior, insulated the walls, and sealed finished the floors. All done by our multi talented members who have graciously donated their skills, hard work and time.

We’ll continue to work on finishing the project this Winter and next Spring we will have a grand opening event and invite all of our amazing members, community, and donors who are making it all possible.

Funding – We’ve Done It!

We have reached our goal of raising $852,000 which will allow us to complete the building. Woohoo! Seattle Mountain Rescue dedicated $326,000 to secure the old original building, our State grant for renovation was $217,516, and generous public donations of $308,484 gave us enough to complete the project.

Together We Funded The MRC!