Climb-GlacierPkDo you have what it takes?

Membership in Seattle Mountain Rescue is at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.

As a rule of thumb, intermediate level mountaineering skills are demonstrated by leading class 5.6 rock and Grade II ice in an alpine environment.  For a list of example climbs in the local Washington area, please see further below.

In addition to these prerequisite requirements, prospective candidates must submit a complete application, with all documentation/certificates, for membership and pass a background check by the King County Sheriff’s Office.

For membership inquiries please contact our Recruitment Chair  (

Candidate Evaluation Criteria

  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Have three (3) years of alpine mountaineering experience, including technical rock and glacier.
  • Demonstrated intermediate level mountaineering skills.
  • Be able to provide references from two members of the mountaineering community.
  • Possess a current AHA/ARC conforming adult/basic first aid and CPR certification (valid for six months at the time of application), or higher.
  • Be able to demonstrate sound decision making skills in the backcountry.

SMR interviews candidates twice yearly in February & August

Seattle Mountain Rescue interviews candidates twice yearly at the February and August monthly meetings. In order to be considered for an interview the applicant must meet the unit prerequisites and have submitted their application to the Membership Chair by the first of February or August for consideration.

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Example Intermediate Climbs

Rock Climbs (grade)
Dragontail / Serpentine Arete (IV 5.8)
Early Morning Spire / SW Face (IV 5.9)
Exfoliation Dome / Blueberry Buttress (III 5.9)
Forbidden / E Ridge Direct (III 5.7-8)
Green Giant Buttress / Dreamer (IV 5.9)
Guye / Improbable Traverse (II 5.8)
Index Town Wall / Town Crier (IV 5.8 A2)
Argonaut Peak / NW Arete (II-III 5.7)
Challenger / NE Spur of E Face (II 5.6)
Chaval / North Ridge (II-III 5.7)
Chianti Spire / Rebel Yell (III 5.10)
Colchuck Balanced Rock / NW Buttress (III 5.8)
Concord Tower / North Face (II 5.6)
Cutthroat / SE Buttress (III 5.6)
Dragontail / Backbone Ridge (IV 5.9)
Dragontail / Colchuck Col Buttress (II 5.6)
Ingalls / E Ridge (II 5.7)
Kangaroo Temple / SW Face (III 5.8)
Liberty Bell / Liberty Crack (IV 5.9)
Liberty Bell / SW Face (II 5.6)
Little Annapurna / S Face (II 5.6)
Paisano Pinnacle / W Face (III 5.8)
Prusik / W Ridge (II 5.7)
Shuksan / NW Arete (III 5.7)
Slesse / W Pillar (II 5.8)
Snow Creek Wall / Outerspace (III 5.9 or Orbit III 5.8)
Stuart / N Ridge (III 5.7)
Tooth / E Face (II 5.7)
Tooth / SW Face (II 5.7)
Witches Tower / NE Face (II 5.8)
Witches Tower / NW Buttress (II 5.7)
Ice Climbs (grade)
Chair / E Face (Winter) (II)
Chair / N Face (Winter) (II)
Forbidden / NW Face of N Ridge (II-III)
Formidable / Formidable Gl (II-III)
Formidable / Formidable Gl Direct (II-III)
Fury / NE Face (III)
Hood / Cathedral Ridge (III)
Hood / Luethold Couloir (III)
Hood / N Face (III)
Johannesburg / CJ Couloir (III)
Kyes / Upper Pride Glacier (III)
Maude / Entiat Icefall (III)
Maude / N Face (III)
Observation Rock / N Face (II)
Rainier / Edmunds Headwall (III-IV)
Mountaineering and Glacier Climbs (grade)
Adams / Adams Glacier (II)
Adams / S Lyman Glacier (III)
Baker / Coleman Headwall (II-III)
Baker / N Ridge (II)
The Brothers / Traverse (II)
Colchuck / North Buttress II Eldorado / NE Face (III)
Forbidden W Ridge (II)
Formidable / N Ridge (II)
Fury / E Ridge (III)
Rainier / Kautz Headwall (II-III)
Rainier / Kautz Glacier (II)
Rainier / Liberty Ridge (III-IV)
Rainier / Nisqually Icefall (II-III)
Rainier / S Tahoma Headwall (IV)
Redoubt / NE Face (III)
Shuksan / Nooksack Cirque Wall (II-III)
Shuksan / N Face (II-III)
Stuart / Stuart Glacier Couloir (II-III)
Tooth, NE Slabs (Winter) (II)
Johannesburg / S Face (III)
Kaleetan / N Ridge (II)
Rainier / Fuhrer Finger (II)
Rainier / Gibraltar Ledges (II)
Rainier / Success Cleaver (II)
Rainier / Sunset Ridge (III)
Rainier / Tahoma Glacier (II)
Spickard / N Face (III)
Stuart W Ridge 5.4 IIThree Fingers / NW Ridge (II)
Torment-Forbidden Traverse (IV/5.6)
Twin Sisters / Traverse (II)

SMR New Member Requirements

  • Respond to at least 5 missions
  • Attend at least 20 hours of rope rescue rigging training per year
  • Maintain compliance with WA State & King County S&R Core Competencies requirements
  • Applicants who are accepted into the unit must complete ICS-100 and 700 prior to deploying into the field on missions