Rescue Truck Replacement : YOU DID IT!

Given generous donations from supporters like you, foundations, grants, and members Seattle Mountain Rescue raised enough money to purchase a new rescue truck!

The truck is a critical part of our rescue operation. Not only does it provide important transportation but it also stores all of the essential rescue gear we need for virtually any mission.

This summer we’ll be celebrating the purchase of the new truck. We hope you can join us. Check social media this spring for details.


Goal $80,000. You help us do it! (as of 12-27-2019)

Your Donations at Work

Beyond our rescue truck campaign your donations support all functions of the volunteer team including:

  • Specialized Rescue Equipment
  • Fuel and Vehicle maintenance
  • Rigging and Avalanche training
  • Advance Medical Training
  • Critical Stress and Mental Health Training
  • Mountain Safety Education

Seattle Mountain Rescue is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization run by dedicated, highly trained volunteers. We do not charge for our services, nor do we receive tax dollars. All of our operational expenses are paid for by donations.  Seattle Mountain Rescue is registered as a 501c(3) under “Mountain Rescue Council” with EIN 91-6049880.